Diana Porter

What a great experience this was, working with the very well respected Diana Porter and her team late last year. Diana porter is the creator of the Sibyl line of jewellery, just click on this link for a look. They are beautiful, timeless necklaces that seem to have won a huge range of supporters and customers that spans age ranges and are loved by both guys and gals! That’s no easy task, and as a proud owner of my very own Sibyl now I totally get the attraction, they are lovely.

As all creatives know, the real power in your creativity is found when you connect with what you are really all about and create something from there. Diana really is a fantastic person, and when you see her jewellery design it all makes sense, it’s so worth taking a look. Anyway, I met her team first and it didn’t take long to figure out that Diana’s values and approach to her work is contagious; high quality, very professional but still full of humanity and fun. They wanted a shoot done to celebrate 25 years of the Sibyl. There were a whole group of models, some from her own family, and we spent the day in Bristol shooting in various locations.

The days leading up to the shoot I thought through lots of lighting scenarios and packed my car accordingly. 4 Cameras, about 6 lenses, lights, stands, you name it. When I parked the car I opened the boot and had that sinking feeling when you look at all your gear. I thought “why the heck have I got all this gear?” I have found for some time now that gear has been getting in the way of my creativity, and I was getting tired of it. I picked pick up one camera and two lenses, the Canon 6d, the 50mm 1.4 and the 85mm 1.8. I guessed that if I was in a squeeze I could just run back to the car and get something else, it wasn’t far away. I ended up shooting the whole day with the 50mm 1.4. It’s not a perfect lens but that is what makes it one of my favorites, it has some character.

The shoot was so much fun, it really flowed and we had a lot of fun. I went back to shoot the launch event as well which included some large prints from the day I had together with them all.

Hope you enjoy these!


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