Robbie and Ashley’s Kingscote Barn Wedding.

I met Robbie and Ashley about a year ago to talk about their Kingscote Barn wedding in Pret a Manger. We chatted away and I got hear a bit about their lives. I remember thinking how many gifts and talents these guys had and all the stuff they were doing. They were fixing vehicle transmissions, renovating houses, raising dogs on an amazing superdog diet. The dogs have their own freezer and everything. Anyway, apart from comparing myself to their amazing amount of abilities, I was super pleased to be asked to photograph their wedding. Ashley and Robbie are two of the friendliest people you can meet, and you kind of know their friends and family are going to be like that too. My thoughts were confirmed on the day. I was surrounded by warm and lovely people all day long, it was an absolute pleasure to photograph their day.

A Kingscote Barn wedding is a lovely thing. The back drop is stunning, the hills rolling off into the distance and no concrete in sight, it’s just lovely Cotswold stone and sheep – loads of sheep. Another thing I love about a Kingscote Barn wedding is how well you are looked after by the staff there. I am in so many venues throughout the year, most of them friendly, but Kingscote Barn always treat you like a real valued guest. I never expect that from any venue,  and I always have a flapjack in my camera bag, but whenever I am there I literally get waited on! It’s unique and really really appreciated.

Robbie and Ashley went for a sparkler entrance, which was a really good idea. For one thing, it meant that people were handling fireworks before they had drunk any of the homemade Cider these guys had made! (another one of those gifts, the cider was really good!). It also meant that the light from the building was on them instead of behind them. It just makes life a little easier from a photography point of view!

The evening ended with dancing eating and all the good stuff – it was lovely.

Here are a whole bunch of pictures from their day. I hope you enjoy them.

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