Sarah and Adam – Manor of Hurst Wedding

You can see from the wedding photos that this wedding was taken when the sun was shining! This is how far behind you get when you renovate and move into a house at the same time as shooting lots of weddings all over the country! It was a hot day at Sarah and Adams wedding at the Manor of Hurst, and a very lovely one. I feel like I often say the same thing about my wedding couples, but it’s true, they all seem so nice. Sarah and Adam are the loveliest people. Right from the get go, from the first email, Sarah was full of nice things to say and so nice to communicate with. We met via Skype and the wedding was all booked in in good time.

The wedding took place in Woodley in Berkshire and the ceremony was at Manor of Hurst. The venue was so hidden that I drove past it about 4 times. The sat nav said I was there, the map did too, but all I could see was a load of bushes with a gate at the end, no sign of a manor house. Of course the gate opened, and behind it was a huge long driveway with the manor house and beautiful grounds in the distance.

Sarah got ready in the Manor house while the temperature rose outside. Thankfully for the guests there was a swimming pool to jump into to cool off a bit. I was a bit tempted myself and reminded myself why I try and travel light with my wedding photography gear! As well as saving my back a load of hassle, I don’t overheat carrying a tonne of equipment around.

Sarah and Adam looked amazing. Sarah is very elegant and her wedding dress had a lovely vintage look, Adam effortlessly looked the part too, even so, they played a hard game of table tennis against each other with no mercy. I got the feeling there was a competitive side just under the surface.

The day was so relaxed and fun, lots of garden games and amazing food. So nice to be at weddings when the goal of the bride and groom is for everyone to have fun.

As usual the day went by really quickly, and their choice of evening entertainment was perfect, which The Chaps took care of. They are a unique band, which I can really recommend.

I set off back to Bristol after helping to get through the hog roast!


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