Jess and Stuart – Wellington Barn Wedding

I had coffee with these guys twice before their wedding. Actually I think the first time was tea, at their place, a very funky house in Bristol. Their Wellington Barn wedding was all well planned, the details were on point, the timings were perfect, the food was good, the DJ played the floor fillers and the weather was great. However, all those great things were well and truly left in the shadows compared to these guys and their two incredibly lovely girls. I mean these guys are impossible not to like, and being able to photograph their wedding was a privilege.

Jess was chilled after having put all the hard work in before the day, getting it just right (a good tip there, plan ahead – mental note to self). There was even a swan on the lake just outside her prep room, it may have been planned, I’m not sure, but it was literally doing moves on the lake, things I’ve never seen a swan do before. The whole day was simply lovely and these guys, together with their little tribe, just made an already perfect day incredible.

This was my first Wellington Barn wedding. Set in the stunning countryside near Calne it provided the perfect backdrop for their wedding. I hope to visit again for sure.

Hope you enjoy the gallery as much as I enjoyed photographing it.

Shot using a mix of Fuji and Canon.

Fuji x-pro2 with an 18mm f2 lens attached all day.

Canon 6d with 50mm and 85mm


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