Matt Gutteridge, Bristol Wedding Photographer

Hi, I'm Matt a wedding photographer, focussed on using images to tell the story of your day.

I live in Bristol with my wife Lillian and 3 sons. I have been a wedding photographer covering Bristol, Bath & Somerset since 2009.

For me, being a wedding photographer is all about capturing the moments of your day, in fact that is what I specialise in. My goal at every wedding is to tell the story of your day using images, capturing the emotion and the humour of it all.

I won't get you to do loads of odd poses and create images you will feel slightly awkward about. I like to say it's about capturing moments, not poses. 

Blending in, more like a guest than a wedding photographer, helps me capture the day candidly and unobtrusively. I won't turn up at your wedding carrying the biggest equipment I can find that screams wedding photographer. Even the cameras I use are designed to help me blend in without demanding attention.

It's this approach that enables me to capture your day exactly as it happens.

The day is all about you, and your day is unique, photographing it without orchestrating anything is my approach.

Bristol Wedding Photography


My journey into wedding photography was a bit of a long one. I started out as a musician, always carrying a camera with me, photographing people and places. Eventually, after many years, the hobby took over, becoming my profession. I now photograph weddings all over the country and further afield. I am not just a Bristol wedding photographer!

It's always such a pleasure to be a part of someone's wedding day - as well as a huge amount of fun. I get to hear people's stories, share in some of their most emotional moments, and I get the fantastic job of capturing all this for couples to remember.

Bristol Wedding Photographer, Capturing Moments not Poses

Unobtrusive, honest and fun wedding photography

Come and have a look around my site, in fact why not click below, it will take you to my most recent blog post, a good place to start! 

There are lots of galleries to look through from all types of weddings from all over the country, you'll get a good flavour of how I approach wedding photography. 

Really looking forward to connecting with you to talk through your wedding day.

It would be fantastic to be your wedding photographer!



Matt Gutteridge is a Bristol Wedding Photographer specialising in capturing the moments of your day candidly and without being intrusive in any way. Wedding photography is all about telling a story, and Matt’s style delivers beautiful images that will help you remember your day just as it happened. Matt Gutteridge also provides portrait photography covering Bristol, Bath & Somerset.